I have been developing a roguelike RPG game for quite some time. In this game I use RGB coefficient feature in order to create day and night cycles, torch lights and darkness. The coefficients apply to every single object and tile in the gameplay area.

Everything was working perfectly fine with my downloadable copy of Clickteam Fusion 2.5 (fully updated), until I purchased Clickteam + Addon on Steam and started working with it. Now my project seems intact and everything works correctly, but my darkness/lighting effects doesn't work as intended. Here are some further explanations:

- When the environment is supposed to be so dark, now it is only slightly dark.
- The environment light level doesn't regularly apply to objects. The objects flicker or show a false coefficient level.
- Environment light suddenly changes as the player take actions. When the game time is midnight and everything is dark, it suddenly turns to daylight when the player interacts with something.

I used different display options (Standard, Direct3d 8, 9 and 11) when running my project, but none of them fixed this problem.

How can I overcome this problem without rewriting the game codes all over again? I hope there is an easy solution for this.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.