So after I purchased the HTML5 I played and tested it on some of my earlier games, just for fun. And despite my horrible mistakes in event "coding" and choices of graphics, my games did actually run... Sort of.
About 4 years ago, I made a Super Mario game that I now am considering totally remaking. What I wanna know is if the size I used here (800x600) is doable?

Here is a link to the game.
It runs very poorly, but Im actually amazed that it works. The enemies does not always die when you jump on them, probably because the event that makes Mario bounce up is not the same as the one that destroys the enemy (as I mentioned, poorly "coded"). Also, occationally its really heavy transparent use, which really slows stuff down. But this can very easily be avoided. This was originally an application that used an ini file to save stuff, so a lot of the options and World Map graphics are not working properly. You can move to whatever level you want, except one that I sort of messed up but am to lazy to fix just for this :p

Basically I wanna know if this could work with proper graphic/code design on an average computer, before I start my new project! (: