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Thread: Disastr_Blastr approved for release on XBLIG

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    Cool Disastr_Blastr approved for release on XBLIG

    It has been right around 2 years since I embarked on the long and difficult journey of creating an original Xbox 360 game with Clickteam Fusion, and I wanted to drop in and let you guys know I have just received approval to release Disastr_Blastr on XBLIG. I first started working with Clickteam Fusion almost 6 years ago, and in that time have made a few small educational apps many a successful prototype, but this is the first time I have ever built a full game project for commercial release. Thanks to everyone in the community here who offered help and encouragement along the path, it means a lot guys! Also, I am sure there is at least one other designer out there reading this who still has an Xbox 360 game in development... To that person I would like to say, keep going--you can do it. I was pretty concerned about making it through the approval process, but I found there is still an active and dedicated community of XNA creators out there making some exceptional games. The best advice I can offer on the approval process is this: put your game in play test first (don't jump right into peer approval), and then start reviewing as many other games as you can. And give the most detailed, thoughtful reviews you can. My experience was that no one really paid any attention to my game until I started spending some time helping others (and basically acting like part of the community), and once I did that the other creators were extremely helpful and I was able to clear peer approval with relatively few snags. So good luck guys, stay strong, keep designing, and look for Disastr_Blastr on XBLIG Friday 2.6.2015!!!

    You can check out some video of the game here:

    And visit the official Disastr_Blastr facebook page here:

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    Well done.

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    The trailer for the game went over good at the GDC!

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