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Thread: Frame re size problems on fusion

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    Question Frame re size problems on fusion

    Hello, I have recently bought clickteam fusion and have been experimenting for some time now. One problem that has been very effective is resizeing the dotted line. I'm not sure if it's possible, but I am here to ask if there is a way to re size it. If this is not possible, then can someone please tell me how increase the amount of pixels of an object, but not actually increaseing the size?
    p.s. im talking about the dotted line within the other dotted line

    EDIT: found out how (can anyone tell me if there is a way to lock or delete this post)

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    Hi Kimchy101 and welcome to the forums. It's nice to leave a post up. This way other new forum members can learn from it. Would you please post your solution?

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    Hello, gentlemen! This one tripped me up too, but I found the solution as well. I am posting it here for future reference, and to help out the community.

    A) To change the dotted lines, the area which is viewable during play:

    1. Under "Workspace Toolbar" click on "Application," so that is it highlighted.

    2. After this head below to "Properties."

    3. Click second, small, square button that is blue. This is titled "Window."

    4. On the first line you will see a set of numbers. By default it is "640 x 480." Click on that and you will be able to adjust it.

    B) To change the entire size, and increase the playing field:

    1. In the "Workspace Toolbar" click on your "Frame."

    2. Go below to "Properties."

    3. The first button, aka "Settings," is where you should look to. Here you will see several numbers under "Size."

    4. Click on these numbers, and you ought to be able to adjust them.

    And that's it! I hope that was clear for everyone.

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