Hey guys, i was able to get a smooth working pendulum setup last night (yay me lol) and now im having problems trying to get the PMO to gel with it. The only way i can make it work, is by assigning the x and y position of the player to the x and y of the pendulum's end or weight. While this works "ok" it wont let the player move left or right, and it makes it hard to jump off of it, having to literally press jump 4-5 times minimum to make it happen. But, here's the interesting part; using either the built in platform movement or the physics platform movement, it works just fine.....? I made an example about a month or so ago making the PMO work with moving platforms, by having the additional x velocity work with the direction of the moving platform, i e "platform is facing right - set additional x velocity to 100, "platform is facing left - set additional x velocity to -100. This worked just fine, but the same can't be said for the pendulum But, i think this is mainly due to the fact of using Sin and multiplication for an angle combined with an alterable value (that's how the pendulum movement is set up), so really there is only the right facing direction. I tried working with angles, but when the weight is not moving it is at 0, when it swings right it maxes out at just under 30, then when it swings left from the center it goes from 360 down to the max left of 330. So....im kinda stumped lol. Another reason why it sounds to me like the built in and physics platform movements aren't a bad idea to work with in the end any suggestions?

EDIT: now that i think about it, could i possibly use a counter for the angle, set it so that when the counter is between 0-29, pendulum faces right, and when it is 330-360 it is facing left?