Spryke is a hardcore PC platformer with gameplay somewhat like Super Meat Boy (tough difficulty, agile controls, small levels, instant respawn, etc). Visually, it eschews the retro pixel graphics of SMB in favour of a rich, highly detailed modern, somewhat cartoony, look.

Unlike many indie devs, I don't have a programming background. But I have a background in graphics, animation and UX design, so I'm trying to use that to my advantage. My goal is to give Spryke killer gameplay that rewards replayability, in a beautiful and intricately designed world that helps makes replaying its levels a pleasure.

The screenshot below shows the background of one of the game's worlds. This cityscape is comprised of about 15-20 parallaxed layers. Many of the elements will be animated, such as the chimney flames and smoke, programatically generated fog (thanks SolarB!), some skyscraper lights, and the flying ships (including the dozens of ships in the background). For this background, I hand-designed many skyscrapers using various influences, from Blade Runner to Mass Effect to Tron Legacy. If you look closely, you'll see alien lettering over various buildings and ships. That's a fictional alphabet that I designed specially for Spryke, and even turned into a fully-working, kerned freeware font.

Foreground and character graphics (ie. the platforms and the protagonist) are still being worked on. When those are more complete, I'll show more screenshots, as well as some gameplay footage.

If you want to follow Spryke's progress, follow me on facebook or twitter. Or, of course, watch this thread. All comments, questions, criticisms, etc. are welcome!