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Thread: Directional Positioning Math Problem

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    Question Directional Positioning Math Problem

    Say if you want something positioned at a distance away from an object according to its direction, and at an origin different from 0. You'd do:

    Object 1:

    Set position to 0,-64 of Object 2 (located)

    This way, whatever direction Object 2 is facing, Object 1 will be attached 64 pixels above it in accordance to its direction. In this case, it's assumed the direction is 0, or facing right/east. Thus, if Object 2 is facing left/west, then Object 1 will be positioned 64 pixels below it. The position rotates.

    What I need to figure out is how to do that with an expression, finding the X and Y coordinates of what this relative position should be, and then moving secondary objects towards it with only arrays (static movement).

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    I have made an example that might help


    I'm not quite sure what you are asking for but I made an example of how you can position an object a certain distance away from another depending on the objects direction.

    See the attachment.

    I hope this example will help you

    Change the (*50) number at the end of X pos and Y pos of "Active 2" to change the distance.
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