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Thread: Tower Defence Kit [ALL PLATFORMS]

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    Thumbs up Tower Defence Kit [ALL PLATFORMS]

    Tower Defence Kit [ALL PLATFORMS]

    Supports HUGE numbers of towers and enemies. < 30 events!


    From an earlier example and now multi-platform thanks to Crusher's fantastic example (used with permission) and as suggested by happygreenfrog!

    FLASH DEMO (omg!)

    The demo runs on a large grid so updating the weight map takes time and you will notice stutter when placing and removing towers. Using smaller maps will make this much less of a problem. More powerful mobile devices will perform better. Removing the blocked path testing code will boost performance significantly.


    - Dynamic pathfinding
    - Test for blocked paths
    - Adjustable tower range
    - Adjustable enemy speed
    - Fast area of affect/range checks


    - Various optimisations and fixes
    - Tidier and more helpful comments
    - Slightly prettier graphics

    Weight map pros and cons:

    - thousands of enemies on small-medium size maps (ie 40x20)
    - can be adapted for diagonal movement
    - limited to one destination
    - blocked path testing sub-optimal compared to extension
    - does not use shortest route

    Tested with Flash and iOS. Post your results!
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