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Thread: Game screen misplaced on iOS devices

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    Game screen misplaced on iOS devices

    I'm having a problem when testing a game I've made on an iOS device. When I test the game through MMF2 it displays as it should, but when I pass it through Xcode and test it on my iPad or my iPhone the entire game screen is misplaced down and to the left. I honestly have no idea what is causing this problem, as I've tried using all of the different display options, including Stretch to Fill, and this still occurs. I've made other games and tested them on my iOS devices and they're run just as they should, fitting the screen properly.

    This is how it should appear:


    This is how it's showing up:


    Does anybody have any idea why this would be happening? I'm using Multimedia Fusion 2 (not Fusion 2.5) with the latest version of the iOS Exporter if you need to know.

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    Anders made a great tool for figuring out screen size, window size, and which other options to go with.

    Also you could try "start of frame center display at ( , )" using the coordinates of the center of your display.
    Hope this helps!

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