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Thread: Creating events while playing

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    Smile Creating events while playing

    Hello guys. Iīm looking forward to buy some of this products, and Iīm on the research stage. Comparing on several tools. Very long time ago I remember click and play and the games factory had a feature, that allowed you to design the level and start playing it. Then when an object collides with other or when you pressed a button the software asked you what should happen.

    I did look in tutorials, downloaded fusion free version and didnīt find that feature. I was wondering if that was an extention or the feature was removed for some reason. Or maybe Iīm confusing softwares.

    What happened whit that feature? Did I dreamed it?

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    Sadly, the feature to write events while playing was removed at some point.

    I've heard that some people thought that was the only way to code games with those products, and were very confused by the event editor when they finally learned about it, so that may have something to do with it. Simply put, I think the reason it was removed was because it caused confusion. It would be nice if someone from Clickteam could confirm or deny if that was why the feature was removed, and if it wasn't the reason then it would be nice if they could tell us what the reason was.

    On the plus side, the interface is a bazillion times nicer than Clickteam's past products. Seriously, MMF2 pretty much looks ugly in comparison to CF2.5 (though I'm not saying MMF2 was a bad tool, just saying that CF2.5 is better).

    The only reason I've gotten to use that feature myself was because I believe Clickteam had the demo for TGF1 available for download at some point (it's possible it's still there). I don't believe I was around when TGF1 was still around, and I certainly didn't use any Clickteam products until TGF2, so that's why I say that's the only reason I've gotten to use it.

    Also, on the subject of competitor's products, I personally haven't used Game Maker since, I think it was version 7? I can, however, tell you that, at the time, it was pretty much only any good if you didn't mind scripting, at which point you might as well just learn an easy programming language (or a slightly harder and slightly more worthwhile one).

    I have no personal experience with Construct 2, but I've heard that it's HTML5-based. As in, everything it exports, even Windows, is technically an HTML5 wrapper. I've heard that it results in absolutely horrid performance on mobile (not to say it's absolutely fantastic in CF2.5 either, though it's at least acceptable). However, again, I have no personal experience with that.

    Lastly, Unity. Been a little while since I've used it, but I think it was pretty good (though I personally couldn't get much done with it), and while it actually requires scripting, said scripting can be Javascript, which is very easy to use, and it exports to pretty much everything, meaning someone could very well just learn how to use Unity instead of learning an actual programming language in some cases (like if they just want to make a game themselves and not work for another company). It's possibly a bit overly-complex for 2D games, though, and I've heard it does have its issues.

    Also, last note: It's pretty much midnight where I am right now, so I may be remembering things horribly, or making grammatical errors everywhere, or making mistakes for other reasons, or some mix of those. Also note that I left out CF2.5 since, if anyone else sees this thread, they're likely to post their opinions on it, and, again, because it's horribly late, and since CF2.5/MMF2 is the one I have the most experience with, it's the one that would take me longest to describe the pros and cons of.

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