I am looking for some HTML5 or SWF games that can be used on a very well visited website.
The website gets a huge number of visitors so your game would be seen by a large number of visitors.
The site is non-profit so they are not directly making money off your games.

What the site is looking for is:
A somewhat polished finished game
If the game happened to be created by a "student" that is even better but not required.
If the game happened to have an "educational" content that is a bonus but they are looking for all types of games.

There isn't a financial reward for this but I would be very thankful for your submissions.
I will certainly find a thank you gift for any games the place wants to place on their site.

If you can send me a link to your game I will check it out and forward it to them.
Email -- Jeff@clickteam.com

Once they pick out 3 to 5 games we will take the next step in the process.