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Thread: Seamless Video Playback Possible?

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    Seamless Video Playback Possible?

    Hi! I just recently purchased Fusion 2.5 (was running MMF2 for the quite some time now) and had a question I hope someone can assist me with. First, I’m trying to play one video directly after another. I’m hoping this program can do a seamless transition between videos, but I am starting to lose hope lol I’m not sure how to do this PROPERLY, but after toying around with the program, I managed to accomplish this task….The video plays right after the other, but there is a second or two where it freezes/pauses between loading the next video. During this “pause” It also looks like the program is struggling to start the next frame. I probably am not doing this properly, I was hoping someone can provide some assistance on this “video transition” problem.

    Also, when you are ready to build your application, is it possible to bundle all your files into a single file? I didn’t see this option when I built my application, I have about 30 videos, I was wondering if they can all be grouped upon completion? Thanks!

    1) Is this program capable of seamlessly playing one video after another (with no blank/pause in-between loading)?
    2) Is this program capable of creating/storing/playing all your games files within one major file (kinda like a zip file)?

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    Hi there. 1) It's certainly something you can accomplish to have seamless videos. It freezes because it's calling DirectShow in the background as it loads the video. I have two suggestions for you:

    a) Use 2 video objects and alternate between them.
    -- One loaded, invisible and paused - and the other loaded, visible and playing the first video. You can make use of flags or a global value to toggle between the two. So as soon as one video finishes, hide that object and show the other one... which will be already loaded, but paused. And vice versa when the second object finishes.

    b) If you're planning on permanently playing a series of videos one after the other... why not merge the videos together into a single one beforehand?

    2) Yes, you can make use of Binary Data (which embeds it into the EXE) or checking the "Include External Files" checkbox (in the Application Properties → Windows tab) which will include all the files when you build your EXE.

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