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Thread: Trick for COUNTER animations (copy paste)

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    Lightbulb Trick for COUNTER animations (copy paste)

    Maybe you have created an awesome set of numbers for a COUNTER OBJECT. If you want to copy paste those numbers to ANOTHER counter object you have a problem while you´ve set your counter to "numbers"!
    BUT you can copy/paste your created numbers with this trick:

    - Select all the numbers of your first counter and copy them
    - Select your second counter in the frame editor
    - Set this counter to "animation" in Settings under "Type"
    - Double click this counter to open the picture editor
    - Paste the numbers from your first counter
    - Close the picture editor
    - Finally set the second counter from "animation" back to "number"

    Voila! Your number counter now has the cool numbers from counter one!

    All the best


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    Or you could just right click and Clone the counter?

    This trick is useful if you want to import frames from an Active object into a counter because the Paste action is disabled on counters of "Numbers" type.

    Here's where it was discussed yesterday:

    tl;dr: Change the counter type to Animation, paste 14 frames exactly, OK, revert the counter type to Numbers. Also works while importing multiple frames at once (import as animation)

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    THANK YOU!!!!!
    This helps me a lot, and it saves me a ton of time!

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    Very helpful!! Thanks for sharing!

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