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Thread: Two Players Movement Issue (Classroom)

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    Question Two Players Movement Issue (Classroom)

    I am a teacher trying to assist a student. Student trying to create a racing game with two different players. One would use arrows other would use the W,A,S,D keys. The problem is that when the arrows are pressed, both cars move. We can't seem to separate the movement. We think it is something so simple as to be embarrassing but can't find it ourselves. That is the last little bit of the game he has left to complete.

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    How did you code the movement? If you didn't explicitly define the movement in the Event Editor, you'll be using a built-in movement. These movements can be defined to individual players by having the "Player" different for each object, AKA Player 1 & Player 2.

    Once this is done, you need to change the controls for Player 2. I believe all players share the same default controls. To change the controls for a player, you can check under the respective player object or change it during runtime by clicking the "File" > "Players/Controls" menu item

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