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Thread: Just Go Golf - A Walk & Golf Experience

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    Talking Just Go Golf - A Walk & Golf Experience

    Hello everyone. Our new game, Just Go Golf is live on the App Store. Hope you enjoy.

    Just Go Golf is a mobile app that provides all the activity of a full round of golf. Players gently swing their phone or device as though they were holding a golf club, and then walk the distance of their shot before taking the next one. Just Go Golf can be played in parks, malls, trails, sidewalks, or any safe outdoor setting; and features a golf cart and driving range for indoor and stationary play.

    Just Go Golf was developed using Clickteam Fusion and is available on the App Store for the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

    Free Version
    Courses open on daily schedule. Open and Play another course each time you walk an entire round.

    Gold Club
    All courses unlocked from beginning.

    Find out more about the game at:

    PROMO CODES for Gold Version:

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    Wow this is a really cool idea!
    I posted it on the CT Facebook.

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    now THAT's a first post!

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