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Thread: Looking for Clickteam Fusion 2.5 tutor - paid position

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    Looking for Clickteam Fusion 2.5 tutor - paid position

    I've been hired to make a game in Clickteam Fusion 2.5, and while I'm pretty good at the program, I'm still a relative amateur. In order to ensure the game turns out as well as it can, and to learn valuable information for my future projects with Fusion 2.5, I'm looking for an experienced mentor who would be willing to work with me on a regular basis for the months of April-June 2015.


    *I'm looking for someone who will be available on Skype on a semi-regular basis.
    *This game will include online multiplayer, so proficiency with Lacewing or other alternatives would be great.
    *There are plans to port this game to Windows, Mac and Tablet. Proficiency with the export modules for any or all these platforms is a plus.
    *There are possible plans to include DLC expansions after the game's initial release, so ideas/experience on that front would be a big plus.
    *The game is already in pre-production; the sooner you're available to get started the better.

    I'm prepared to pay $1000 to a suitably dedicated mentor who sticks with me for the entire project (we're aiming for a release in August). The knowledge and proficiency I'll gain on this initial project is important to me.

    I'm using the words 'tutor' and 'mentor' to describe the position, but I'm also looking for someone who wants to be a teammate. I work well in teams, and part of my problem is that right now I feel alone and daunted by this project. I'm not just looking for someone to pawn all my work onto; I want to work together and learn this program inside and out at the same time we complete this game. If interested, or if you want more information, please send an email to

    (Let me know if it's against forum rules to post my email address; if so I'll remove it and applicants can contact me via forum PM).

    About me

    *I've been making games casually with Multimedia Fusion since 2007, starting with the first edition and progressing with every new version to now. I'm entirely self-taught, and I'm capable of completely making simple single-player (or local Co-op) games like platformers, adventure games, or bullet hells.

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    I'd definitely willing to help you out.
    * I'm on Skype 5-8 hours a day.
    * I've done plenty of Lace (And MOO but Lace is better) to go around. Client and Server.
    * I've used the Android Exporter and Mac Exporter before and understand the limitations and workarounds.
    * I definitely have experience in DLC, expansions, auto-updates, etc. as I made a launcher for a game a year ago that did just that.
    * I can get started as soon as you're ready
    I've sent an email already.

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