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Thread: Is it Possible to Develop a Minecraft Plugin with This Version?

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    Question Is it Possible to Develop a Minecraft Plugin with This Version?

    I really want to make a Minecraft plugin (a server side mod, not a client side mod), but I'm not old enough for college, my school doesn't have a coding program, and all of the online ones I've found suck. I've dabbled around a bit with creating games like pong and small platform games on this, but would it be possible to make a Minecraft plugin? Or a plugin for any external program in general? If so a guide would be great. Thanks.

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    A Minecraft plugin? As in, a server-side game mod?

    Short answer: No.

    Long answer: No, since Bukkit plugins (or whatever server-side plugin you are using) can't be wrote in anything other than programming languages as far as I know (and they definitely can't be made in CF2.5, as there isn't anything in CF2.5 that would allow for that). On the other hand, you might be able to make level editors and such for 2D games if you know the level format that the game uses well enough, so, depending on your definition of "plugin", it may be possible in some cases. It also may be possible for someone to make a game in CF2.5 that allows for CF2.5-made plugins by using sub-apps and other such things. However, that would probably be very difficult on both ends. Also, this definitely isn't a program for modding, which is essentially what Minecraft plugins are.

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