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Thread: path movement node unscoped?

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    path movement node unscoped?

    I've multiple drop-down menus all belonging to the same qualifier group.
    Each one has its path movement that starts when clicking over the object and reverses when clicking again.

    But... I want some actions to be performed when the menu opens ---> reaches the end of its path.
    And the problem comes here: I've noticed that path movement seems not to be "object-selective",
    when the menu reaches the end of the path, ALL of the objects belonging to the same qualifiers are selected for the performing actions.

    It can be easily tested with 2 or more actives all belonging to the same qualifier,
    applying a simple linear path movement, with different length for each object,
    and the event:

    (qualifier) reaches the end of its path ----> (qualifier): destroy

    destroys ALL of the actives when just the first of them reaches the end of the path
    (while in my interpretation would have destroyed one by one only the single actives reaching the end of their own path)

    This is not the same behaviour I get when for example i set the "mouse click over (qualifier)" ----> (qualifier): destroy
    in this situation the object is correctly scoped, hence only the clicked object gets destroyed.

    Is the action "object reaches the end of its path" a non-selective event,
    and is this meant to be like this for reasons I currently don't get, or am I misunderstanding something?
    Or is this to be considered an uncorrect behaviour?
    (don't want to say that bad word ...bug )

    EDIT: just to clarify,
    I know it can be tackled adding a foreach event,
    but I can't still get the differences between actions that are actually "self-scoping"
    and actions that are not, I would have presumed this was one of them...
    how can I tell one from the other? Only by experience-test or is there a behind-logic I don't get?

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    This is still the case. I wanted to be able to create a new object (with path movement) every second and have it destroy itself when it reached the end of its path, but as described above ALL instances of that object are destroyed when the first one reaches the end of its path. The same holds true if trying to destroy the object when it reaches a named node. Is there a reference that describes which conditions select objects and which do not?

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