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Thread: Performance optimization: question on 'power of two' principle

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    Performance optimization: question on 'power of two' principle

    I'm making my graphics of a size of the power-of-two to improve the performance of my game (

    When it comes to backdrop or static objects, everything is clear.

    But I have some doubts on active objects, due to the number of images/frames stored within every animation.

    What happens if, say, inside an active object you have an animation with all images optimized the power of two (i.e. 32x32), but one (i.e. 32x36).
    Would the entire active object be considered not optimized by Fusion 2.5, just because of that single image/frame (thus invalidating the previous effort to optimize the other images)? Or instead the active object would be considered partially optimized (except for that single frame)?

    Hope it is clear, thank you for your help

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    It's per image, not per object. Only the 32x36 image won't be optimized.

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