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Thread: Controlling rate of fire

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    Controlling rate of fire

    Hi guys,

    I just began using Multimedia Fusion 2. I'm trying to create an overhead shooter like Shoock Troopers, wich does not use a twin stick set up but instead a single stick and a strafe button. So far, I have been able to do that, but what I don't know how is to control the rate of fire. If you press the fire button once, you shoot one bullet, but if you keep it pressed, it turns into a mess: a single line of repeated bullets. I dont' know how I could limit the amount of bullets you shoot, so it does not turn into a long line of fire. How could I achieve this?

    I have included the file I'm working on.

    Controls: move with the arrows, shoot with Z, keep pressing Z plus the direction you want to strafe while shooting.

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    Use a counter or variable as a 'cooldown':
    - At start set counter to 10
    - Fire button is pressed and counter=10 --> set counter to 0, launch bullet.
    - Every 0.01 secs and counter<10 --> Add 1 to counter

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