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Thread: System colors return a value of -999999999

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    System colors return a value of -999999999

    I don't know if this is an issue or not, or if anyone among the click community is aware of this, but I was messing around with CF today and had a random thought:

    I can use a counter to return the color index value of a pixel's color (say, within an active object). So, I wondered the same thing about a system color (say, from the system box object[s]). However, and I don't know if it's because system colors are dynamic and can vary from system to system, but the counter always returns a negative value of -999999999.

    I created an .mfa to show this off.

    Any thoughts on why this happens?
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    You have to convert the System color to RGB color.

    In your case set the counter to: SysToRGB( "Active System Box", Button Face( "Active System Box" ) )

    You can find the expression SysToRGB() called Convert System Color To RGB in the context menu of every System Box object.

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