Limitations of the limited HTML5 exporter provided with the free version of CF 2.5 (and with the normal version for the ones who haven't purchased the HTML5 exporter):

Limitations of the free HTML5 exporter

- each application cannot contain more than 3 frames
- each frame cannot contain more than 100 backdrop objects and 30 other objects
- each frame cannot contain more than 150 events
- Supported extensions:
Edit Box
List Box
Physics Engine
Physics - Fan
Physics - Magnet
Physics - Rope And Chain
Physics - Particules
Screen Zoom
- Supported movements
Clickteam Circular
Clickteam Invaders
Physics - Static
Physics - 8 directions
Physics - Bouncing ball
Physics - Background
Physics - Platform
Physics - Spring
Physics - Spaceship
Physics - Race car

Limitations in the editor of the free version of CF 2.5

- you cannot load more than 1 application in the editor
- global events are disabled, as well as object behaviors
- the number of object types in this version is limited to the list of extensions above
- you cannot install other type of objects with the extension manager
- you cannot export images with the picture editor
- you cannot export or replace sound samples or music files with the Data Element editor