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Thread: Sample... Reverb? I think?

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    Ensure you open up your sfx file (wav/mp3) and trim it down. Any excess silence at the end will cause a delay. Also to boot, Fusion 2.5 can open 32 channels (ie: 32 sounds played at once).

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    Oh, did I not post a solution? Crap!

    Here you go: What's actually happening is that while that condition is true, it keeps starting the sound, so it isn't "reverb", as I called it, it's really the sound playing over itself over and over again. What you need to do is limit the event by adding the condition "Only one action while event loops". It can be found under the Special section (gears icon). This will make it so that the sound plays only once. Alternatively, you can add the condition "while sample [sample name] is not playing".

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