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Thread: Using many event groups

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    Using many event groups

    I am wondering if there are any disadvantages to using a lot of event groups. For example, I got a fast loop called "Place detectors", which triggers five different events. I wonder if it is a good idea to put the "Place detectors" events in a group called "Detection", just to make it possible to "minimize" the group and thus reducing editor clutter?

    I also use groups to be able to disable certain events (such as disabling keyboard controls if a gamepad is selected), and I guess that is what the event groups are really for. It's the usage of event groups to create "event folders" that I am unsure if it is a good idea

    Thanks for any answers!

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    As far as I know,
    there are no disadvantages in using groups "only" for clean and readable code structuring,
    I've always heard using groups for this matter is considered a "good practice"
    and I can see no back-issues in this.

    My own experience also confirms,
    grouping makes my testing easier, and helps a lot finding what I need,
    I never had any kind of problem adding/nesting groups.

    So I'd say: go grouping at your will!

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    Activating/Deactivating groups when you need to works great. I use that function for a fade-in time on my levels in my current project, as well as an easy way to bring up a Pause overlay! It would also work great for an in-game menu (though I know there are some Sub-Application Evangelists here).

    The only problem with groups comes when you are copy/pasting code across frames, and have activate/deactivate functions included. You'll need to either clear out all your code first, remake your frames, or go through and manually reset the activate/deactivate functions, as they will paste with the original Group names, and not update to the "(2)" versions that have pasted. This means when you delete the old code, even if you then rename the groups, it won't find the ones you're referencing.

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    I think it's worth mentioning that if you change the order of your events to put them into themed groups, remember that changing the order of events means that they get executed in a different sequence. This could make your application behave differently of you are not careful!

    Otherwise, this is definitely a good idea, anything that helps keep your code structured and organised is a.good thing!

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    I recall seeing a thread a while back where someone had run into a GoE-limit. I think it was at over a thousand so it'd be quite an effort to reach it but still.

    GoEs are incredibly useful I think. I only wish there was an option to color them

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