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Thread: New user of free version Help request

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    New user of free version Help request

    Hi to all,
    A very new user here!
    Just completed the "ChocoBreak" tute. in the free version of 2.5
    When viewing the game in the Frame window I cannot maximise it.
    Is it possible?
    Just wondering how to maximise the "runFrame (F7)" window when the mouse cursor is not available to click on Maximise?
    The Mouse is being used to move the character.

    There does not seem to be anyway that I know of but probably some simple thing I've over looked?
    Can one go full screen to view the completed game?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi, welcome to Fusion!

    As you've seen, when you have an object with mouse movement in your game, it grabs the mouse cursor so you can't move it outside the game window. You can make the game fullscreen by default by looking at your application properties - click your application's name in the workspace toolbar and take a look at the properties window underneath. On the second page (I think) there should be an option to "change resolution mode", making the app go fullscreen.

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    Welcome to Fusion, vertexx!

    As DavidN mentioned, on that second page of application properties, you'll see a Fullscreen section. There are a few options in there:
    1. Change Resolution Mode: This will automatically make the game fullscreen when checked.
    ​2. Allow User to Switch To/From Fullscreen: This will enable the Windows-default control of Alt+Enter to switch between Fullscreen and Windowed modes.
    3. Keep Screen Ratio: Fits pixels to the screen in fullscreen, as opposed to creating black bars. Adjust the screen ratio tolerance for slightly different fits.

    When you feel more comfortable in Fusion and upgrade to standard or developer, you can mess around with the Ultimate Fullscreen Object, which lets you set the resolution manually and fit the pixels to the screen in different ways.

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