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Thread: Help with Fusion Animations?

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    Help with Fusion Animations?

    I'm encountering a strange bug in Clickteam Fusion 1.5 where, when I set an active object to play a custom animation, instead of playing the animation the object will move to the bottom-right corner of the window. Sometimes the animation will play after this, but occasionally it does not. Does anybody know what I can do about this, and is there anything I'm missing?

    I'm very new to these forums, so I apologize if this post is out-of-place, underexplained, or just a general waste of time. I hope I'll get better at CF2.5 as I go along!


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    My first instinct is to check the coordinates of the Hot Spot in the animation frames. Press H or click the little eyeball in the animation editor, then set the hotspot, per frame, to where you want it on the sprite. The hotspot controls the sprite's position in the level, and relative to the previous animation frame.

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    Welcome to the forum!
    I'd check what dsilvers says, it's one of the most common issues, specially for new users,
    hot spots slipping in wrong positions without noticing

    The object will be positioned according to its hot spot, so if sprite is at X100 Y100, it means that
    the hot spot of each frame in its animations will be positioned at that coordinates
    (so yours may have slipped away on the top-left of your animation frame?)

    In case it's not the issue, you could attach ("go advanced" below) your file so that we may better check what's going wrong.

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