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Thread: SEEP Universe (retro style action platformer)

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    SEEP Universe (retro style action platformer)

    Finally we are near to complete SEEP universe, so we have decided to start this post!

    It is currently on Steam Greenlight:

    SEEP Universe is an action-platform game for the PC inspired by the 8-16 bit!

    SEEP Universe allows the exploration of four bizzarre planets, inspired by retro games.
    Run, Jump and battle enemies through more than 20 stages for a 100% retro feeling. This is the game you have always dreamed of from the 16 bit era!
    The battles against the bosses change the rules of the game. For example, in the first world you'll need to run away with a SEEP car from a huge boss.
    This makes the game experience varied and intriguing!
    You can also collect the SEEP Coins to unlock many secrets in the SEEPedia, a huge gallery where you can discover many secrets.


    100% pixel art for a 100% retro feeling.
    Original soundtrack product by Pedro Calquinha and André Marques, two professional musicians, with the collaboration of Amadis Monteiro (drums).
    Funny 8 bit sound effects.
    Two characters in one with different skills.
    Various game level design.
    SEEPedia, a room where you can unlock pictures, info and cheat with the SEEP money.
    Many enemies to defeat.
    Power Ups.
    4 worlds and boss battle.
    Various gameplay: platform, action, puzzle, racing and much more!
    Secret stages to discover.
    SEEP Shooter: excite two players co-op mode!
    XInput controller support.

    The Story:

    A strange frequency from the videogame world has taken control of the universe. Four planets have been threatened by five obscure videogame bosses.
    Each planet has its own army but this has been broken and now all the negative effects are woven together to create chaos.
    SEEP, an indie developer team, has intercepted the code in the timeline that is causing the disaster. The problem seems to be the corruption of the source code of some old arcade systems, these can also teleport people from one place to another where the code is corrupted.
    So the brothers Sergio and Enrico, members of SEEP, decide to go into action. Only they can save the universe by crossing through various arcade systems that have been hacked by a mysterious AI.

    We have a question, can use this logo of Clickteam Fusion?
    We have decided to make the logo in 16 bit style because all game have a retro look!

    Images attachées Images attachées

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    Great work guys, I just voted your project on steam

    P.S. Ho appena scoperto, con piacere, che siete un team italiano
    (= It gives me great pleasure to discover you're an Italian team)

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    Thank you very much! ))
    If you have Steam you can add me!

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