Hello Clickers!

I believe Clickteam is working with current video settings stuff, to make it keep the aspect without additional shaders etc.
Aaaaaanyways, been waiting for quite a long so I thought I'll just let sub-app go and use shaders to get around for now. (Had some problems keeping the aspect with sub-app inside already aspect corrected frame.)

So, I thought I'll make my demo fullscreen only for now as the performance is much better in _real_ fullscreen. There is also a crash when switching between windowed and fullscreen, something that I believe CT is fixing as well.

Alright, I'm developing in 1920x1080 which is 16:9. The way I have everything set up at the moment is that I "Change Resolution Mode" to go fullscreen. I also have "Resize display to fill window size" ticked and a shader that corrects the aspect ratio. However, "Keep screen ratio" is really confusing. My secondary monitor is 1280x1024 which I believe is 5:4. So, this is what is puzzling me:

1. I created virtual resolution for my secondary monitor: 1366x768 which I believe is 16:9.

2. My current resolution is set to my monitor's native resolution of 1280x1024.

3. If I don't have "Keep screen ratio" ticked and I launch the game on my secondary monitor it changes the resolution to: 1280x960. (That's odd, no idea why!)

4. If I have "Keep screen ratio" ticked it keeps the current resolution of 1280x1024. (Should it not switch to 1366x768 since it is available?)

5. If I switch my resolution to virtual resolution, 1366x768, and launch the game it keeps the resolution.

I've tried with different tolerance settings but can see no difference.

At the moment I want game to change the player's resolution to 1920x1080 if possible, if not, then the closest one.