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Thread: Engine questions ( frame settigs )

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    Engine questions ( frame settigs )

    1. So what's a deal with number of object's in a frame settings? why it's always presetted in a 1000? why not 20000?
    number of objects presetted for perfomance issue? something like 1000 better than 20000? engine taking less loops to deal with.
    2. Same for virtual width and height, why it's not presetted as W:-1, H:-1? we can always read values by FRAME width and height.
    3. And handling collision if window out of frame area. Collision checks takes huge calculations ( perfomance ), what if i set nObjecs as 20000 and frame virtual w,h as -1, -1 collision checks works EVEN it's out of window?

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    Hi alexexhowl. The default used to be 500 objects in each frame. During one of the beta tests I requested to have the default boosted to 1000 objects per frame. A nicer number than 500 and a number a person could live with. Personally I think trying to cram 20,000 objects into each frame is bordered on insanity. This amount would really use memory. 2g and CTfusion starts to freak out. It would be up to you for the object number setting. I only addressed number 1.

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