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Thread: Android Saving Ini issue

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    Android Saving Ini issue

    Hi All,
    I hope you all are having a lovely day and better yet hopeful someone can give me a hand,

    I have been working on porting a title over to android and the app gets to a particular screen and crashes after doing a good deal of debugging I have found that the line that crashes the whole thing is

    Set Global Value(LoopIndex(“Load”)) to GroupItemValue(“INI”,”GValues”, “var”+ Str$(LoopIndex(“Load”)))

    The goal being to load the saved ini global values into the current global values, the expression is valid and it works flawlessly on pc but it crashes the app on android.

    Any help on why this may be going wrong or if there is another way to loop save/load global and alternate values that works for android would be much appreciated I am stumped and I need to get this port done

    Thanks everybody,

    Have a great day

    Podunk Studioz

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    Can you do a little debugging and try to figure out what part of that action is causing the problem?
    IE -- Hard code different parts of it till you narrow it down.

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    Did you find the answer? I'm having the same issue, application just freezes.

    Or perhaps any alternative ways to save/load values?


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    can you post a small mfa with the ini file inside a zip and make a bug report for me to check this.

    Fernando Vivolo

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