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Thread: Puzzle Game tutorial references?

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    Puzzle Game tutorial references?

    Hello all, My name is Dion, and I just got introduced to Clickteam by a friend of mine recently. Just wrapped up the Chocobreak tutorial, which is starting to help me get down the basic gist of what does what(gonna experiment a bit more today.)

    Anyway, what I'm asking is that I know some people sometimes upload tutorials for newcomers to try out, and I was curious if there was any links to goood tutorials based on color/matching Puzzle games. The first game I'm supposed to do with my friend is supposed to be a Puzzle-RPG akin to Puzzle Quest, so getting a basic layout of how a match 3 puzzler(and for that matter possibly a traditional First person Old school RPG) would be a help. I could have just done the "let me Google it" way obviously, but I feel that the CT community would be a better alternative to get the best possible ones. so, any recommendations of where to start lookin'?

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    Have you looked at the Advanced Game Board Object (I think that's what it was called)? I believe that the Advanced Game Board Object is one way that some people make Match 3 games, though I think it's not the only way to make such a game with CF2.5. Be warned: It's surprisingly difficult to do even with that object (until you've learned how to use the object, anyways, since, after you've gotten used to it, it's actually a fairly easy-to-use object, if I recall correctly), and as far as I know that particular object happens to be one of the easiest ways to do it (also, keep in mind that the Advanced Game Board Object won't work in the free version, if you happen to be using that)...

    Oh, I almost forgot two things! 1. The Advanced Game Board Object does come with examples, which makes learning how to use it a bit/a lot easier, and 2. Welcome to the forums!

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