I am trying to use a sub-application for a pause menu in an iOS game.

It was working in an older version of the iOS exporter and was created and closed properly etc. The co-ordinates for touches on buttons and zones were perfect and registering correctly.

Now I've got to update the app for 64 bit and downloaded the latest iOS exporter for this purpose. Except now the co-ordinates for touches are seemingly off when it comes to the sub-app pause menu.

I have attached an example for reference. On iPhone the touches appear to be registering to the left of the physical point on the screen (when trying to close the pause popup), on iPad it's even worse and the
touches register way above the physical point.

It seems like the touch coordinates are getting scaled somehow when using the sub-app.

I'm using Fit Outside as a display option and centering my frame.

Any ideas?


(also wondering why that MFA file is 4+ mb when it's basically two blank frames with some actives?)