I have two questions.
My main question is about the "resize to fill" option. This works great on my PC, but on my smartphone and tablets it will only work in the screen the website is opened. If I open it in portrait mode, it works on portrait, but if I turn it sideways (landscape), it will be too big. And the same goes for if I open it sideways, it will be way too big and not fit in portrait mode. Is it possible to fix this?
Also, is it possible to enable a fullscreen, like make the game go infront of the url bar and all that?? I tried to add an active object for the user to click on and then made an event for toggling a flag for fullscreen mode and window mode, but this did not work. I have not scanned the documentation for this question yet though, so Im sorry if it is in there. Just added my question while I was asking anyway :b