2015 + EDIF

So as you all (should) know, Visual Studio 2015 RTM officially released several hours ago, sporting much better C++11/C++14/C++17 support (among other exciting things, such as writing one C++ codebase to develop for iOS, Android, and Windows). The EDIF project files are designed for Visual Studio 2008 (which is obviously before C++11), and upgrading them to 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, or 2014 generally doesn't work too well. So, I've created new Visual Studio 2015 project files!

Here you can find the Visual Studio 2015 project files for EDIF for both the regular Template and the TemplatePlus, they are called Template2015.sln/.vcxproj/.vcxproj.filters:


You can try it out on your existing projects risk-free by just copying the three Template2015 project files (.sln, .vcxproj, .vcxproj.filters) to your project directory. If you build the Debug version, it'll run code analysis - some of the problems it detects will be from the SDK itself (which I intend to fix), but you may discover some problems in your own code as well

Note that the 2015 project files only support Fusion 2.5 - if you want guaranteed support for Fusion 2.0 you should stick to the original 2008 project files.

Whenever I have free time I will be updating my fork of EDIF to use better C++ code, and to make the extension development process better overall. I can't say much for the official EDIF repository though - my codebase and that codebase are already drastically different and it doesn't look like they will be merged anytime soon (or ever).

In case there is any confusion, the official EDIF repository (which is officially supported and endorsed by Clickteam) is here, and my personal fork (with many changes, improvements, fixes/patches, etc. that I made myself) is here.

If you have any issues, let me know here or open an issue on my fork. Happy coding!