I want to make 2d seek and hide online multiplayer game.

I don't know if it is possible but I'm working on this idea where you have 3/4 players that are stuck in a tunnel(maze system) and they need to find 5/10 objects to escape.
Another player plays a monster that needs to find the other players and stop them.

I have seen online examples with shooting and walking only in one frame and I do not have a single clue how lacewing works.
What I need is:

Login frame (where people can enter their names and coose a character start a session)
I have 2/3 frames with backgrounds of the tunnel and doors in those three frames are 10 different objects and 4 players and a monster.
I have the simple move left and right enter through door movement but I want someone to create the code so it is playable with 2 to 4 people online.
the final game will have much more frames but if i can nderstand how things work I could just copy paste it to other frames.

The game is going to be like a 2d version of "dead realm" and I want players to e albe to move from one level(frame) to another and hide in places and that other people can see you enter the room too as for the monster.

Love to know if it is possible and if someone would like to do the code for me.

I have 100 dollar for the person that would do this.

the game will look like a sidescrolling game like maniac mansion only without the text underneath