This is a game that I made for the first time on a Clickteam Fusion.

New sensational jump action game that allows the user to instantly switch “ally” or “enemy”

【Blue or Red】Free download

”Blue or Red”, a horizontal scroll action game, added the special feature that allows the user to “switch the colors” which realized the whole new gaming experience.

On the stage filled with red and blue obstacles, players (ball) will try to reach goals by switching their colors (blue and red). Players can touch whichever obstacles on the stage as long as the color is same, but they fail if they touch the one with different color.

Players may switch the color anytime on the stage; anytime they switch the color, the allies and enemies switch too. Unlike normal jump action games, players will not clear the stage without effectively switching the colors.

The spots and timings of switching them will be the key. There are total 20 stages filled with variety of gimmicks, traps, mazes and puzzles that also requires effectively switching the colors in order to clear them.