I am using drag and drop movement. I tried using the "snap to grid" but it looked sloppy. I instead made a grid of squares and when you drag and drop a object on a square, it centers the object on the square. But the same sloppy problem hit. Turns out both suffer from the same problem: when multiple squares are the same and are being overlapped, it only picks the object at the highest X and Y of that object (example: object is 128x128, so it only picks the square at 128, 128 of object). This makes it look very sloppy because object snapping is rarely where you let go at, often jumping to a tile you were barely overlapping. I want the detection to be at the hop spot or action point (center of the object). I've though of a few ways around but it is not ideal for performance. Is there a way to get overlap detection to pick the closest square to the center, not max x and y, of an object? I can upload a demo if needed.