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Thread: Please Help Me With This

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    Please Help Me With This

    Hello. I am fairly new to MMF2. I want to make an RPG Game where you play as a bounty hunter on alien worlds. So even if you can help me with atleast one of these things I will greatly appreciate it!

    1) How would I make it so that someone chooses a certain character race, it will be their character the entire game. I.E. in South Park: Stick of Truth you can pick classes.

    2) Similar to 1, how could I make it so that if they have a certain item(s) in their inventory, they can keep that even if they switch game frames.

    3) How would I make it so that they could level up after a certain amount of kills?

    4) How would I make an XP bar?

    5) I had this problem before, but how would I make the same enemies without duplicating or cloning them? Would I have to create a new Active Object for every enemy? In my other game I cloned the enemy and since they had the same properties, when I killed one, they all died.

    6) How would I make it so that the enemies could only spot the character from a certain distance away? So that they all don't crowd them all at once.

    7) How would I make it so when the player presses a button a HUD appears?

    I know I am asking a lot. But thank you guys

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    I could answer all your questions in much details, but I don't think I should. The thing is, the game you plan making, seem to be quite a few leagues above your current skill level. Even if I did answer all of this, it would be alot for you to take in, and I don't think you would actually learn alot. A better way to approach Fusion for you, would be to have this game as something to look forward to create, but not actually starting developing it until you can answer all of those questions yourself.
    Learn fusion step by step. Don't try to learn it all at once. Some of the things you want to do here require that you really know what you're doing, and some of the questions you ask could not be answered in a simple post like this.

    Here's a few major topics you should learn about that are all more or less required for the game you have in mind:

    Counters - all modes
    Alterable values and strings
    Global values and strings
    Global objects
    Global events
    ForEach loops
    Ini Object

    Please don't think that I try to scare you off from making the game of your dreams. I only say that before jumping straight into it, learn your tool first. Make small games or bits of code that you think you will learn from.

    That said, I will answer your questions, but not as detailed as you'd probably like. That would take forever.

    1) Store their race in an inifile or array

    2) Use an array for the inventory, either make it global or save and load it to / from a file when you alter it or switch frames

    3) Keep track of the user's xp points in an ini or an array, or in a global value.

    4) Here you could use a counter which is set to Horizontal bar, or you can make your own system using active objects and fastloops, depending on what kind of xp-bar you want

    5) Cloning an object makes a copy of that object that is an entirely new object. Duplicating an object makes a new instance of the same object. Duplicates can be treated both individually and not. If the code say to destroy an object which is present in the conditions, that specific instance of the object will be destroyed. If the object is not present in the conditions of the event, all duplicates will be destroyed.

    6) You could have a big circle-shaped invisible object always positioned at 0,0 from Player. When an enemy overlaps it, toggle his attack.

    7) Use layers (ctrl +k in the frame editor to bring up the Layer toolbar) together with the Layer object.

    My advice is to decide upon what you want to learn first, and search for forum posts, examples or tutorials for that specific topic. When you know how to master it, move on to the next one.

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    1) create 3 different character active objects, put them in the same group using qualifiers, refer to them by qualifier group in all your events. Uncheck 'create object at start' for all character actives in properties. Create 'only' the active for the character when it is picked on the character select screen.

    2) use the array object. document the inventory by notating the table in excel so you can track what item at array position x/y = what item. Check the global option in the array so that it is carried over between frames.

    3) create two global variables. Points to next level, and current points. Make points to next level = 1000 by default. On certain events add x points to current point. Condition Current points is greater or equal to Points to next level: subtract Points to next level from current points & display message "You have leveled up!"

    4) Use the counter object, select horizontal bar. Set current value to Current points, set max value to Points to next level

    5) You probably need to use the active's variables for enemy health, rather than a global counter, or spread ids over them and ensure you are referring to them by specific ID, or perhaps 'for each' enemy, if enemy health = 0, destroy enemy

    6) Use the build in Distance function, compare the distance between each enemy and player periodically and activate the enemy when it's within distance, once again you'll need to spread IDs over the enemies and loop through them or use the ForEach function.

    7) Create a layer with the HUD on it, hide/show the layer on keypress

    It would be time consuming to go into each item in detail, however you can generally create an RPG if you do the following:
    Learn qualifiers, arrays, fast loop through objects, for each loop through objects, counters, global variables, distance between 2 objects function/formula, angle between 2 objects function/formula, layers. I recommend searching the forum for guides to each of these. Once you understand them, you'll beable to build just about any 2D game.

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    You know, put what you want to do in the title.

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