Hey everyone. (excuse me to not be good in english, this is not my mothertongue)

So, I want to make a sort of horrorific version of Hide and Seek. So I tried to make some AI but I had alot of difficulties and I want helps. It's not that Im lazy (Maybe I am... I dont know.) but I don't want to take like 3 month just to creat a mechanic like hide and seek.

So I find how to make the ''evil guy'' purchase the player but I have problem with the hidding AI. Fisrt, I think about when the player is in a zone\draw\active\orwatherveryouwant, transform a counter into 1 and tell to the evil guy to stop (when the counter is on zero, he purchase the player). But I dont know how to say to Evil guy to just go at a random direction between left and right when he stop to purchse the player. I have some problem to make the player hidding (in a closet or under the bed), I could make the player invisible, but if I ask the evil guy <<if he touch the player, destroy/kill the player>>, make it invisible is useless.
So, Im just searching the hide and seek AI.

So that's all. THE BEST way to know more what kind of AI im talking about, just take to example the Home alone nes game, this is very near of my idea.