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Thread: Turn Based RPG Battle System

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    Question Turn Based RPG Battle System

    Hello there, everyone!

    I've currently been working on a little project within CTF2.5 and I have a little bit of a dilemma.

    I've started working on a small little RPG, and the only problem I have is creating a working battle system.

    Are there any tutorials, examples or even advice you could supply me with in order to help me out? To clarify, the battle system I'm trying to emulate is similar to that of the battle system used within Earthbound/Mother 2, as it doesn't require too many complex animations, backgrounds, etc.

    For those of you who want a reference, here's a link to a video showing how Earthbound's battle system works:

    Thanks in advanced, if you need some specific additional information from me, I'll gladly provide you with it. Thanks

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    Don't know of any good tutorial for something like this, sorry,
    anyway, since it implies different things (actions menu, player stats, monster animations/attacks...)
    I would start doing piece by piece and pen down all the possible situations you could face.

    Main thing to start would be structuring the "turn-selection",
    may be just a counter (or whatever value-holder of your likings):

    Start of battle >>> set "turn counter" to 0

    Turn counter = 0 >>> activate "player actions" group, deactivate "enemy actions" group

    Turn counter = 1 >>> activate "enemy actions" group, deactivate "player actions" group

    Here you could use another counter to determine who's acting,
    and add 1 after each player action.
    When counter=number of characters, add 1 to turn counter and set this counter to 0

    Basically same as above, when "monster action counter" = number of monsters, reset to 0 and reset also "turn counter"

    You would have to manage inventories,
    various actions and related effects on screen,
    many more things that would require a very long discussion

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