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Thread: Best way to go about custom physics engine? and pathfinding in it

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    Best way to go about custom physics engine? and pathfinding in it

    so it turns out using built in Box2D you must sacrifce pixel perfect collisions of clickteam. which is bad.
    i have some tutorials but i was wondering how others do it? what values do you use as must have per object?

    1. speed
    2. curX
    3. curY
    4. anglevel?
    5. curAngle
    etc etc etc

    should i have two speed or one speed? hmmmm.... also i am guessing most do away with built in 8 direction too.. so how do you handle positional data from differenmt objects?
    maybe it is easier to work with built in 8 direction for object choosing to cut down on resources... i woner if path finding work with built in 8 direction?

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    To be efficient, you should tailor your movement engine to only handle as few variables as you need. Since each object only has a limited number of variables, it is best to figure out what variables are absolutely essential first. Then decide what you want to sacrifice. Unless you are talking about mimicking all of the Box2D options, then I think you are going to be fighting an uphill battle.

    As an example, I made a custom "reflection" engine to have objects bounce off of one another. It uses variables for FloatX, FloatY, VectorX, VectorY, VectorSpeed, VectorDirectionAngle, Friction, CollisionRadius, VelocityX, VelocityY, ReflectVectorX, ReflectVectorY and ReflectVectorAngle just for the player object. It uses distance checks (circular collision) to detect collision with other objects.

    Can you elaborate on what specifically you want your engine to do?

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    Can you post an example of the physics movements not giving you the kinds of collisions you want? it would be much easier to tweak/workaround the built in physics rather than create a whole new custom physics engine.

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