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Thread: Do you have to pay for the android exorter?

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    Do you have to pay for the android exorter?

    I'm thinking do you have to buy a android export because i already have clickteam but i don't get why they expansive i want to make a android game but i think you need to pay. I'm trying to find programs that converts exe files to apk files. Do you know any program that converts exe file to apk files? Please thanks ^-^

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    They are actually very cost effective versus other tools out there, with no royalties or percentage of sales to pay. Plus Clickteam's tools are super easy to use.

    Try using the free demo version that has the HTML5 exporter with it (that is all you can do with it for exporting), and see how you like that. You might be able to get your game to play in a browser on your Android device.

    There are other tools out there that might help you.

    The exporters aren't all included because not everyone needs them, and don't want to have to pay to raise the price up with all of them included.
    Take for example, I enjoy the Windows, Flash, HTML5, and Android exporters, but I would never have gotten the XNA (when it existed) or iOS ones. as they do not align with my development goals.

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    To directly answer the title question, yes - you have to pay for the Android Exporter if you'd like to develop for Android. Clickteam are very humble with their runtime agreement.

    If you wanted to trial what functionality the exporter has to offer, the old MMF2 demo shows just that, but nothing is able to be exported.

    It's technically impossible for a compiled Windows executable to be converted to Android's format.
    Although HTML5 could possibly create wrappers for different platforms (desktop/mobile). HTML5 will run just fine on most Android devices. Fusion 2.5 has a free HTML5 version built-in to try.

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