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Thread: Reorganize Common Events into Global Events

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    Reorganize Common Events into Global Events

    This is probably a no-brainer, but I (over many years of basically teaching myself this software through trial and error) have many events that repeat in every frame - i.e. the movement engine for the player. To clean up everything and get a little more professional about this whole process, it is worth it to put all the events common to every frame into one group in Global Events that will then filter to all the levels? Does this make a big difference in disk space/performance? Sorry if this is common knowledge, I don't have a programming background.

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    Well, if you aren't using qualifiers, then it may be a good idea to use global events. If you are, then, even if it would technically be a good idea, it's impossible to use both at the same time (due to the way they were implemented, they were very buggy when used at the same time, so it's impossible to do so as of now, if you're using a semi-recent version of CF2.5). If you are using qualifiers, and you want a better way to manage code, try using something like this to save your levels externally, and try having all your code in one frame, loading levels as you need them (if you have no idea how you would do that, or it otherwise sounds confusing, well, then it may just be best to wait for future projects to do something like that):

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    For code that needs to be reused across frames, it's definitely worth making it global as it is so much easier to maintain and update.

    As HGF says, unfortunately qualifiers do not work in global events, so you can't use those. If you don't need qualifiers in the global code, then go for it, it can make things a lot easier!

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