Hello clickers,

I have spent over 450 hours on this app and I really would be delighted to get feedback from 10 different players on the difficulty of this game. Pretty much let me know if it's too difficult or too easy that you lose interest.

Overall, I've had 4 different testers tell me the difficulty is rather high... so I am thinking of lowering it a tad bit.

Would I be able to get 10 users to test this out? Playing the game would only take about an hour of your time and it would be greatly appreciated. I won't be able to provide any monetary compensation for this one, I apologize.

Please let me know. Thank you.

Future Police (Cinematic Game Trailer):

Graphics: Israel J. Chavez
Level Design: Israel J. Chavez
Programming: Israel J. Chavez
3D Animation: Israel J. Chavez
Sound Editing: Israel J. Chavez
Music: Junior Chavez - Gun and Bass (Original)
......... Junior Chavez - Burner (Original)

Special Thanks to:
DaveC, Snail, DavidN, BartekB, Schrodinger, Sumo, Sparckman, MuddyMole, Coldfire, Paobrasil,
and all the clickteam community

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