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Thread: Android EditBox input question.

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    Question Android EditBox input question.

    Hello! I am currently working on a small android application, and am having a small issues. I havent used the EditBox much so have been playing around with it. I want to have the player input a character name, but I want the name to be 16 characters/numbers exactly. Not under or over 16. I know you can limit the amount how many characters you can place in the editbox with the limit feature. But that only stops it at 16. They cant still put under 16.

    So basically I need to somehow make it to when the amount of characters and numbers in the edit box hits 16 it makes an active object appear knowing they can set there name.

    Any suggestions?

    Sorry if its a bit unclear.


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    Hello !

    May be you can check, in the events, if you have less than 16 characters/numbers in the Text of the EditBox ? In this case, you can add enough underscores to make the name have the right number of characters ?

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