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Thread: I cannot continue my work

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    Unhappy I cannot continue my work

    Hi. I am making a fan game for FNAF called Five Nights at Jacky's for a school project. I downloaded and installed the free version. Everything was going so well until I wanted to continue. It gave me a script error. I got this note:


    I followed the site to this report:


    Now I can't continue my hard work. PLEASE HELP!!!
    This is the only program I count on...

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    These script errors are caused by the embedded browser, the project itself will be intact. The script errors could be caused by having no internet connection, or something on the page doesn't like Internet Explorer.

    As it says, roll back the last few changes you made so you are within the free version's limits.

    From your first screenshot, you've got 4 out of the allowed 3 frames. You may wish to compact the events into the 3 frame limit.

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