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Thread: How to make a piano?

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    How to make a piano?

    Hi all, my friend would like to know how to make a piano. She knows already how you click an active (a button) it plays a sound. She would like to know how to make the button go gradually down, play the sound and rise back up. In other words, how to combine three functions.

    Thank you in advance!

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    I am beginner .I do not know if it can help you .
    i recovered in the tutorial fusion 2.5.Can be examples that can help you.
    Sorry my english is very bad
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    Cool example.

    Im not a music dude.
    However, i imagine there must be a "better" way ( i may be wrong ) than to have seperate samples for each note.
    Like having only 1 Note and tweeking its parameters ( frequency or whatever, im not a music guy ) to create the different notes.

    Im not sure if or how it can be done, but i think Fusion ( through use of some extencion maybe ) might be able to tweak samples/ audio in intresting ways.

    Why do i think this?
    There is this game made with Fusion, called "Silence Of The Sleep", and there are a couple of areas where it does twist audio in interesting ways.
    1 - When your hiding, all audio seems to change/ bend
    2 - When fixing the Guitar strings ( manualy turning of a knob ), the string audio seems to bend accordingly

    Not sure how those effects have ben done, but they certainly cant be a string of seperate samples ( can they? ).
    Might be worth looking into if your after something more dynamic.

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