Now this is a shader that would come very handy for many. I'm designing a game in monochrome colors. I have one object for walls. Now here comes the idea. Instead of having to create 50+ objects each with the same bevel, only to discover that you needed it to be a bit thicker, you have a shader that:

1. Draws a bevel around the objects, as well as detect if the object is grouped together, removing the bevel on the inmost objects.
2. Draws a drop shadow beneath the objects, as well as drawing it properly in perspective depending on an angle you specify, as well as how deep to draw the shadow.

The parameters needed would be:

* Bevel width
* Bevel intensity
* Bevel angle
* Shadow width
* Shadow intensity
* Shadow angle

Would be the perfect partner for Loki's megashader pack me thinks. Can this be done?