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Thread: Help with Sub Applications

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    Help with Sub Applications

    I'm making an RPG Game and I was testing sub-applications when it didn't show up. I set the sub-application to show up when I press Z but it doesn't seem to work. I'm stumped with it at the moment.

    The attached file shows the event, I would like to know why it isn't working

    Edit: So apparently Running the Frame isn't going to run the sub application... that's a really stupid decision in my opinion
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    If you Run Frame 1, and the SubApp points to Frame 2...
    You are only running Frame 1, so Frame 2 isnt in the mix at all

    But i agree i guess, it would be nice if running a Frame would activate other Frames that are pointed to by 'Sub App's.
    "run related Frames in a way

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    *bump* So, you can't test a frame and have a subapplication work?

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    you need to run the whole application (F8)

    but you can just add some actions like
    "start of frame >> jump to frame (test frame)"
    in your first frame,
    and it won't harm that much

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