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Thread: Spriter- Tutorial - Make animations for your games - Fast!

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    Talking Spriter- Tutorial - Make animations for your games - Fast!

    Here is a tutorial on Spriter, this video shows the basics how to get started
    with spriter. Spriter saves you a lot of time, time that you can invest editing the event
    in your game.

    Download working files

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    Hi Sparckman , this is just to thank you again for all those great tutorials that you make for free. I have taken your course on udemy as a modest way to "support" all your hard work ( because I know all of this is really time consuming) and I hope other clickers have done , or will do the same. Thanks again !! ( and I wish you all the best for this holiday season

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    Hi Guys. (I almost feel the need to rename myself to "BrashMonkeyMan" in order to post in this thread )

    Thanks for making another great tutorial Sparkman.
    A few important points I think everyone should know.
    1) Spriter Pro is also great for making animations from scratch, everything from explosions to humanoid characters, machines, monsters, you name it... using bones, tweening etc.
    2) Near the top right of Spriter's interface is a green circular arrow icon, this is to refresh all images... no need to right click and select the new image the way you are doing in the video. (I think you don't see it in your video because your screen is fairly low resolution, if you minimize then maximize Spriter it should readjust the interface so you can see everything)
    3) Fellow community member and awesome extension maker conceptgame is making a full blown Spriter plug-in for Fusion 2.5!

    -Mike at BrashMonkey

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